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Posted by on Oct 3, 2015


Hostgator web hosting is one of the lowest cost web hosting providers, great especially if you are seeking low cost web hosting. For $5 a month with free setup, they offer 300 GB of space, 3000 GB of bandwidth and unlimited emails. They even offer unlimited subdomains. Hostgator provide a lot of features for only $5 per month. They provide all the features the top web hosts we rated provided plus much more. All the basics were included included email filtering and MySQL.
website hosting Control Panel

Hostgator’s control panel is very easy to use. They currently use the Vdeck control panel, which is the same control panel used by Ipowerweb and Startlogic.

Hostgator hosting Customer Service

Hostgator provides consistent twenty telephone support and support via live chat and trouble tickets. After we attempted to test their chat, we found their chat was less reliable than their telephone and trouble support. Their telephone support was terrific.

Hostgator Setup Time

Once we purchased a Hostgator account, our account was setup within a few hours. We got all the necessary information via email including user name, dns and passwords.

Hostgator needs to improve on their level of responsive for their online chat.

Hostgator provides excellent telephone and trouble ticket support. They also offer superior value on their web hosting for only $5 a month.

 Our Opinion

If you are on a budget, for $5 per month Hostgator web hosting offers superior value.On our blog you can find more discount codes for Hostgator so get more cheap hosting. They offer plenty of features which will be more than suitable for your website.